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Painting Music [Mar. 20th, 2010|04:05 pm]
David Levithan Books!


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Title: Painting Music
Author: pica_scribit
Fandom: Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.
Word Count: 2978
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Slash
Rating: NC-17 for explicit underage boysex (you have been warned)
Characters: Paul, Noah
Pairing(s): Paul/Noah
Synopsis: PWP in Noah's studio, just in time for Paul's 16th birthday.
Timeline: A few weeks after the end of the book.
Disclaimer: I am not David Levithan. I own nothing. Please don't sue me.
Author's Note: Oh my God! It's not Potterfic! What is the world coming to? What has this book done to my braaaaaaaaain?!


"What is it?"

His eyes turn away from the painting and find mine. "It's what it feels like, kissing you," he says quietly. His eyes are very green, and his expression is unfathomable. "But I can't get it quite right. Help me?"

Entranced by his eyes, I slowly raise my hand to wrap around his, holding the brush, and I lean in to kiss him.

Suddenly, my back is against the wall, and Noah's mouth is on mine, bruising. My hands clutch at the fabric of his shirt, and his slide up under mine, feeling the bare skin of my back. Noah's whole body is pressed to mine, like he's dying and I've got what he needs to survive. I feel dizzy, like we're at the center of the rotation of the universe, and everything is spinning but us.

(Painting Music)

[User Picture]From: frogy
2010-03-27 07:22 pm (UTC)
Have you read any other David Levithan stuff? There are a couple of places in here where you got his voice so right.

but when you don't feel right being naked with someone in other ways, somehow taking your clothes off with them never made much sense to me.

This sentiment reminds me of his book, Realm of Possibility.

And, I love "My mind is Elsewhere, but it's a Somewhere kind of Elsewhere."
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2010-03-28 03:44 am (UTC)
This was my first read of a David Levithan book. I went from zero to fanfic in about three days, I loved it so much. Since then I've read Nick & Norah, and I'm in the middle of Naomi & Ely. I have a stack more on order from the library.

I am really glad you liked this. It's nice to know someone read it!
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[User Picture]From: kori_baby1
2013-04-24 08:59 pm (UTC)
So I just started (and finished) Boy Meets Boy yesterday and I'm so hooked. I need this story in my life. And now I see that it not only has a fandom (maybe you're the only one; I don't know), but a fanfic! And then I can't find it?! Unacceptable. Please. PLEASE! Put it back! I need it! That excerpt was just so darn perfect. I need the rest. I beg you!
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[User Picture]From: pica_scribit
2013-04-24 09:10 pm (UTC)
Oops! Sorry, my webpage moved. Here is the new link. If you find the colour scheme bothersome, it's also on fanfiction.net.
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